Treated Water Pipeline

ImageThe treated water pipeline (TWP) is the term used to describe the 323 miles of pipe that will be used to transmit treated water from the treatment plant to the 20 members. A series of booster pump stations and storage reservoirs will be located along the TWP. The main component of the TWP is the 54" diameter "trunk line" that will run from the water treatment plant to Sioux Falls.

Treated Water Pipeline - Segment 1:
A $10.7 million contract for TWP-1 was awarded in January 2005 to S.J. Louis Construction of Waite Park, MN. This segment west of Sioux Falls included five miles of 36" diameter pipe and four miles of 54", and runs along 467th Avenue from 12th Street to one mile south of Tea. TWP-1 was substantially completed in July 2006.

Treated Water Pipeline - Segment 2/3:
In September 2005, a $10.3 million contract was awarded to High Country Pipeline of Penrose, CO for TWP-2/3. This includes seven miles of 54" diameter pipe, and runs along 467th Avenue from 274th Street south of Tea to 281st Street south of Lennox. TWP-2/3 was substantially completed in the fall of 2007.
Treated Water Pipeline - Segment 4:
A $6.7 million contract for TWP-4 was awarded in November 2005 to SJ Louis. This is just over six miles of mainly 36" diameter pipe west of Sioux Falls that runs from 12th Street to Benson Road. TWP-4 was substantially completed in the spring of 2007.
Treated Water Pipeline - Segment 5:
In May 2006, a $27.7 million contract was awarded to SJ Louis for TWP-5. TWP-5 includes 16 miles of 54" pipe that runs along 467th Avenue from south of Lennox (281st St.) to Highway 46 (Clay County line). Substantial completion was achieved in November 2007.
Iowa - Segment 1:
The first contract for pipeline in Iowa was awarded in January 2007. A low bid of $2,727,954 was submitted by SJ Louis. This project is just over nine miles of 16" and 10" PVC pipe between Sioux Center and Hull. IA-1 was substantially completed in September 2007. This segment was built out of order to serve as an "emergency connection" for Hull. In the short-term, Lewis & Clark will purchase water from Sioux Center and re-sell it to Hull. 

Treated Water Pipeline - Segment 6/7A:
A $20.9 million contract for 11 miles of 54" steel pipe in Clay County was awarded in May 2007 to SJ Louis. There are 22 miles of pipeline that needed to be constructed in Clay County between the northern country line (Highway 46) and Lewis & Clark's treatment plant near Vermillion. Those 22 miles were originally divided into three segments, but it was later decided to combine them into two segments. The contract above is for Treated Water Pipeline - Segments 6 and 7A, which are the northern most 11 miles in Clay County along 467th Avenue. Construction began in September 2007. Substantial completion was reached in November 2008.

Treated Water Pipeline - Segment 9:
In May 2007, an $11,137,680 contract was awarded to SJ Louis TWP-9. This 8.5 mile segment of 36" and 30" diameter pipe runs along 85th Street south of Sioux Falls from the main trunk line at 467th Avenue to a half mile east of Cliff Avenue. Like IA-1, this segment is being built out of order. TWP-9 will serve as an "emergency connection" for Harrisburg and Tea - two communities that are facing critical water shortages.  In the short-term, Lewis & Clark is purchasing water from Sioux Falls and re-selling it to Tea and Harrisburg. Pipe installation began in September 2007 and substantial completion was achieved in September 2008. 

Tea and Harrisburg Service Lines:
In conjunction with the TWP-9 emergency connection, a $986, 567 contract was awarded in September 2007 to Winter Brothers Underground of Sioux Falls for the service lines to Tea and Harrisburg. This includes just over three miles of 16" PVC pipe. Construction began in May 2008 and substantial completion was reached in September 2008.  

Tea and Harrisburg Meter Houses:
Also part of the TWP-9 emergency connection, a $592,568 contract was awarded in February 2008 to Gridor Construction of Buffalo, MN, for the Tea and Harrisburg meter houses. Construction began in April 2008 and substantial completion was reached in September 2008. 

Treated Water Pipeline - Segment 8/7B:
A $30.7 million contract was awarded in May 2008 to Don Kelly Construction of Bozeman, MT, for this 11 mile segment of 54" pipe in southern Clay County -- the last segment of the main trunk line between the Missouri River and Sioux Falls.  Construction began in August 2008 and substantial completion is expected to be achieved in December 2009. 

Parker and Centerville Service Lines:
A $2,870,000 contract for the Parker and Centerville service lines was awarded in September 2009 to Nitteberg Construction of Estelline, SD. The Parker service line includes close to 14 miles of 10" PVC pipe and the Centerville service line is five miles of 6" PVC. Construction is expected to begin in the fall of 2009 and the deadline for substantial completion is November 2010.

Treated Water Pipeline - Segment 10:
A $3,764,000 contract for TWP-10 was awarded in September 2009 to Morgan Contracting of Albertville, MN. This segment is five miles of mainly 30" pipe that will be constructed just southeast of Sioux Falls (from the Harrisburg turnout to just west of the Big Sioux River). This is the first segment of what is called the "Minnesota Transmission Line." Construction is expected to begin in the fall of 2009 and the deadline for substantial completion is November 2010. With the contract for TWP-10, Lewis & Clark has now approved over $250,000,000 worth of contracts and change orders. 

For more information on the TWP, see the Final Engineering Report under the Technical Information link.